Watch the commercial again and write a few lines (about 60 words) about the role of the child and the earth. How are they related to the woman (Kate)? Do you think Kate's life before she goes to Australia is typical for people in our Western society? Give reasons.
Larissa Gorenflo
5/8/2011 22:53:45

The child is an Aboriginal and represent a kind of freedom in his life.
the child isn´t bound at a everyday life. they can enjoy the wildlife and the wonderful landscape.The child and the landscape in that commercial embody a life in Australia which people in our Western society don´t know.
And i think that Kates life before she goes to Australia as is typical for people in our Western society, because she have an exhausting job and very much stress. But in Australia rule a life where you can find out self. sometimes when we would find out self we have to give lost and that did Kate. She experince that adventure in Australia.

Dennis B.
5/10/2011 02:24:58

The film goes about a woman who is called Kate. She is working all the day and because of this she has a lot of stress. Her husband is not with the situation clearly. The child which appears helps her to find herself. she helps her to relax, to relax on a beatiful place in the water, in Australia. Here you can the concerns which have been Verg for a moment.

Delil Baran
5/10/2011 02:59:55

The commercial wants to show how hard life can be. Its often difficult, busy and very stressfull without a lot moments to relax or to find yourself. Its a typical life of many peopels in the western society. That kid is a symbol for Australia. The kid wakes Kate up before it is to late for her. She had to take a time-out from her life and spend some time in Australia to find herself again and to calm down from all the stress that she had in the past.

Christina S.
5/10/2011 03:48:42

I think the child represent the silence inside and the serenity of the freedom in Australia. The Child, an Aborigini maybe, said:" Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourself and sometimes we gotta go walk about".I think he means when we are in a stressfull situation and nothing goes right, sometimes we can find ourself again. An other possibility is, that we can go in an other country and make a new beginning there. Maybe the child related to Kate as a dream in her subconscious. I think Kates life was typical before she goes to Australia, because the life in our Western Society can be very stressfull for example in Jobs..

5/10/2011 04:21:02

I think this video shows us that we sometimes have to lose something to recognize how important it is to us.
The woman is a buisness woman and has losed herself in all the work and neglected her man.
The aboriginie child represents the soul of australia and shows her the wonderful country.
She came as a busy woman and left as the loving kate
AUSTRALIA come walkabout

Marlene Wenz
5/10/2011 05:53:20

The movie "Come Walkabout" tells about a young woman, her
boyfriend and a little girl.
All actors represent their own life in their different countries.
Kate, the young woman, is a very busy person from europe.
Because she hasen't much time for her boyfriend, the man leaves his big love. The little australian girl shows Kate the life in australia.
A life without worries, without problems and without rules.
The man decided to come with her girlfriend to Australia, because she has more time for him in this beautiful country. Both live now a free life without all the problems, which they had in europe.
My own opinion is, that in europe are more people, that feeling like Kate. That is also the reason why more persons will emigrate in other countries for living there.

Patrick E.
5/10/2011 06:31:04

The video is about a child, woman and a man. The woman has just time for her job. Her boyfriend is very disapointed. But than comes a australian child maybe a Aborigini. The child shows the beautiful site of life in Australia, no stress and work. I think the child should be a sign for Kate to take a time out.

Robin K.
5/10/2011 22:23:41

The little black child is an Aboriginal and tries to help the woman Kate, who has very often disputes with her boyfriend and she is very often sad. The child wants that Kate and her boyfriend should travel to Australia and just relax.
I think Kare's life before she goes to Australia is typical for our Western society, because many people like Kate are annoyed of their daily work and have to work up in the night. It also rains very often and there is always stress with friends or the city traffic.

5/10/2011 22:24:25

In my opinion i think the child is someone special,
which knows the problems of people who have a typical life.
That child wants to show the woman, that she can have a better life
and that sometimes people have to get lost to find out themselves.
Maybe it could be, that the child know that the woman need a life which offers more
freedoms and the possibility to find out herself and because of that the child comes to her.

I am sure kate's life before she goes to Australie is typical for people in our Western society,
because there are hardly still humans in this economics who can have a simple and beautiful life.
Everyday you have to work hard, in order to have a good standard of living, that makes the people bit,
which to it leads that the life is hard and arduously

benni r.
5/10/2011 22:50:37

The movie Australia Walk about, shows the live from a very busy women. Her name is Kate.
Kate works every day long. For she is relax a foreign word. Kate hasn’t time for her boyfriend, because her job is to busy.
A little child, an aboriginal, show Kate and her friend Australia. Kate is learning to relax in Australia, her friend is very happy about this.
I think a lot of people in the world are to busy for relax and this movie will show the good site of the live.

Marcel W.
5/10/2011 22:59:24

The clip is about a woman who works hard every day, an she has a phone call with her friend or husband. They talk about her work and that he dont want to live like this way anymore. But fortunately there comes a aborigenee and talk with the woman. from one moment to the next moment they were in Australia and Kate and her boyfriend swim in the sea together and join the nature

5/10/2011 23:10:24

In the commercial „Come Walkabout“ we can see a young woman who has a lot of stress in her life. She is visited by a young Aboriginal boy who represents his life. He whispers to her “Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Sometimes we have got to go walkabout.” Then the young boy gives her something mystical and she is transported to the magical waterhole where she finds true love and herself. I think that Kate’s life before she goes to Australia is typical for people in our Western society. It seems like she has only her job in her head. Also she isn’t happy with her boyfriend.

Florian S.
5/10/2011 23:14:38

The movie is about a woman called Kate and her friend. Kate always have a busy day and no time for her boyfriend. A little child persuade Katie to come into Australia with her friend. The child represents the spirit of Australia. Kate and her friend go to Australia and feel great in the beautiful landscape. They feel the spirit of Australia.
I think it`s a good commercial with much feelings and it show us that work is not everything in life.

5/10/2011 23:23:13

I think the child is a Aboriginal form Australia.
He said to the women calls Kate:
"Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourself and sometimes we gotta go walk about".
I think he means that everybody can start a new life to find themself maybe in a other country like Australia.

I mean that many peopel here in the Western Society have a live like Kates bevor she goes to Australia, because money and a good job is very important for the most and so we have a lot of stress every day.

5/11/2011 00:31:25

The film „Come Walkabout“ goes about a woman Kate and her boyfriend.
Kate is working a lot of and has a lot of stress with her boyfriend. In one night it is raining very much. A little Aboriginal child came to Kate and whisper in her ear.
In the next moment you can see Kate and her boyfriend in Australia. They are swimming in a big blue see.
Kate and her boyfriend are very happy and life a moment without rules and problems.

5/11/2011 01:04:31

I think the little girl is an aborigenee and want to help Kate. Kate is live in a big city and she always work and she has no time for themselves. Her boyfriend mean the they need a break. Because of the little girl Kate realize that she must change her life. They go to Australia and swim in a big lake. Kate and her boyfriend enjoy their lifes now and are very happy in Australia. In my opinion Kate had a typical life for people in our Western society. Everybody thinks only for money and for their jobs. We all should take us time for us and just relax.

Michael Mall
5/11/2011 05:23:04

The little child in the commercial shows an Australian Aboriginie. The Aboriginies are the nativ people from Australia. In my opinion the child stands for freedom and live. Kate is a very buisy person. She´s sad and when she felt asleep the aboriginal kid woked her up and said her that she should travel to australia. Then the commercial shows a wonderful landscape and Kate and her boyfriend swim together in a see. The commercial will show that all is good in australia. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

5/11/2011 05:29:54

In this commercial we can see a woman which have a stressful life in the job and with her boyfriend. I think the bad weather shows how it look inside of the woman. In one night a little girl from australia she stands for freedom come to her and whispers in her ear. The girl have a other life than the woman because she live in the wilderness from australia. Now the woman is in australia with her boyfriend and they live without stress and are happy. I think fore many people the life from Kate is typical because the world required a lot of the people.

Deniz G.
5/11/2011 06:18:03

This advertisement is about a little female aboriginal child, who was living in Australia. This child helped someday a woman called Kate, who was working hard in a big city. Due to this fact, she almost forgot the beautiful landscapes on earth. With the sentence "Sometimes we had to get lost to find our self" Kate helped to broaden her horizon, which made it possible for her to escape the pressure of the "normal life". I guess Kate’s life was a very stereotypic life for the western society. The first 50 seconds of the advertisement are showing a stressful and “cold” lifestyle containing no color at all! In my opinion the most of the people forgot, how colorful the way of life could be. There is just a lot of work and stress around. They should step back in their duties and go on a wonderful vacation with their Family.

5/12/2011 04:14:10

In the commercial is a woman who lives in a big city, her name is kate. She has a lot of problems with her husband because she works to much. But then came the `` spirit of Australia`` an he brings her to Australia where she swim in a wonderful lake. Now she is happy again


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