Alcohol laws in Germany

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Germany has three drinking ages.
  • At 14 - minors are allowed to consume and possess undistilled (fermented) alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, as long as they are in the company of their parents.
  • At 16 - undistilled drinks are allowed without a parent.
  • At 18 - having become adults, people are allowed access to distilled liquor.
Because of moral panic involving alcohol abuse among minors (a 16-year-old boy died after having consumed 52 shots of tequila in a bar in early 2007), some Germans began to demand that the drinking age be raised. Most politicians, however, spoke against that notion, pointing out instead that such abuse already was forbidden according to current laws, which simply needed to be enforced. [...]
However, the state of Baden-Württemberg will be the first to forbid the off-premises sale of liquor during night hours (10 p.m. to 5 a.m.) from year 2010 on.

In your opinion: Does the new law in Baden-Württemberg help to stop young people from drinking too much?

10/6/2011 00:45:11

In my opinion the new law in bw don´t solve the alcohol problem of our youth. First of all if they want to own alcohol the can buy a stock of alcohol in the supermarket.And the result is, they get drunk.Hence we have to approach this problem in another way.I propose educational advertising!!!So we definitely educate them a increased awareness of "drinking in moderation"This wil be the contrast of "binge drinking".All in all I think to ban buying alcohol in a specific time can´t be the answer.Consequently we have to care an to educate our youth in knowing humans.

10/6/2011 01:06:54

In my opinion the new law won't help to stop young people from drinking too much, because they will buy alcohol before 10 p.m., go to one of the gas stations which sell alcohol after 10 p.m. or to a bar. I think this law is useless.

10/6/2011 01:25:22

In my opinion the youths dont know how dangerous this binge drinking is. To drink 10 or more shorts in 1 hour is to much fot the body. I think the most of the youths are proud if they can talk how much they can drink and they dont know they are playing with their health. I´d like to add that a lot of this youths are very young, to young to get alcohol legally. For this reason the political have to ask himself how is that possible, how can a 14 years old boy / girl buy alcohol in a shop ?. How is that possible that a boy from germany can drink 52 shots tequilla in a pub ? In my opinion in this example has denied the supervisory. I am sure the new law in Baden-Württemberg dont help in situations like this. The kids cant buy alcohol after 10 p.m. , but they buy a lot of alcohol before. In addition in some gas stations or shops u can buy alcohol after 10 p.m. In example the Rubbenbauer on the trainstation

10/6/2011 02:15:01

I would like to comment on the problem of binge drinking. It seems to me that the youth carry the alcohol consume to excess. First of all is alcohol bad for the health. I am the opinion that the most people who do binge drinking are firstly to young for alcohol and secondly not responsable for themselves. BW want to make a law that after 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. alcohol should not be sold. If this is a efficient law? I don`t think so. If a young person want to drink in the night they buy the alcohol bevor 10 p.m. The way I see it this law woulf not stop binge drinking. I`d like to finish by saying we should search the real problems of the youth which despose the youth to do binge drinking and not legislate unnesessary laws.

10/6/2011 03:07:19

In my opinion the new law in BW dont´t have success. Many young people buy alcohol before 10 pm to get drunk. Another point is that some shop assistants don´t control the age of the young peolpe. I´d like to add that a few shops in the cities sell alcohol after 10 pm. I think parents must teach their children how dangerous binge drinking for their health is. I´d like to finish by saying that this new law is not the best way to stop binge drinking.

10/6/2011 05:20:14

I would like to comment the bringe drinking and the new alcoohol law in BW. First of all i dont think that a alcohol prohibition help to prevent the bringe driniking. The most young people how concern that law buy the distilled drinks befor 10 o'clock, because they drink the most befor they go in the discothek. In Germany its called "Vorglühen". But this is the most drinking phase in a short time. The course: Its so much cheaper as in the discothek. This time is dangerous and many evenings in this stadium geht out of control in bringe drinking. As a result is the most young people see on this evenings no discothek, beacause they to much drunk...
I think it's the spirit of the time and in the next coming years the alcohol consum would be normalized.

Helmut W.
10/6/2011 06:34:20

In my opinion this law is useless, cause if the youth want alcohol they get alcohol. If they are 18 years old they can easily buy it before 10.00 pm. If they are younger they have 18 years old friends. The only way to stop bringe drinking is to prohibit alcohol but I think this wouldn´t help too, cause if something is prohibit it is "attractive" for the youth to do it. Hence we must hope the parents make a good job an learn there children how they have to deal with it.

10/6/2011 06:59:57

In Germany teenagers start binge drinking every weekend. The most of the drinkers are under 18 years, but they have no problems to buy hard alcohol. The reason behind it is that the cashiers don’t check their identification cards. And if it did, the teenagers ask their older brother, sister or a friend to buy the alcohol. I don’t know what is great at it to fall senseless or to be in a hospital to pump out the stomach. If it’s going bad, they can choke by their own puke. But when the teenagers had a good breeding, they know how they handle with alcohol. In my opinion you can’t prevent that young people get alcohol, because if they want it they always get alcohol in one way or another.

10/6/2011 15:21:32

In my opinion this law is not necessary.They should increase the agelimit.In america you aren´t allowed to drink under 21.Of course someone who is older then 21 can buy alcohol for you or you can use a faked ID and so on.However,it is harder to get some alcohol and alcohol is very dangerous because it is a nerve poison.Many people, aboce all young people, don´t know where alcoholism starts and it is not when you are living under a bridge, this is just the end.

10/8/2011 20:42:50

In my opinion it is unhealthy to drink ten or more in one hour. I think the problem is that it seems to be cool if teenagers start binge drinking to prove each other that they can consume alcohol to excess. The problem is to prohibit such things because it is accepted from the society. So it is unnecessary to increase the penalties. To me it is more important that teenagers recognize the problem of alcohol consume by themselves. Everybody is responsible for his own life. So we have to change the public awareness of binge drinking.


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